Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Honestly, when I first saw this recipe, I thought that Sally was bonkers. Turns out, so am I.
I put this on my baking bucket list because I just bought a new can of pumpkin and the recipe seemed adventurously delicious. I don't normally like pumpkin, but I figured I'd give it a try--just because Sally's photos looked so darn good.

There's something SO, so, magical about a jar of cinnamon sticks, and I can't figure out what.....

So anyway, I definitely have to credit Sally for this recipe. I seriously never could've thought of putting pumpkin in a cookie. And no, Hong Kong simply does not admit the existence of fall, so the coexistence of pumpkin and chocolate in one cookie is just unheard of.

Honestly, at first I was very skeptical. I simply had no idea if a pumpkin cookie would taste good. Obviously I'm not very smart because really, today shouldn't be a time of experiment, but I mean come on, these turned out pretty well, right?.........

When the first few of them came out of the oven I could practically smell fall in my house. I literally said that over and over to my brother, who, of course, couldn't care less. There's something about the existence of spices and warm cookies that just brings you this sense of.....of........awesomeness.

*The cinnamon sticks are just there for photographical purposes. No actual cinnamon sticks were used in this recipe.

I took a bit into one while it was still warm, and oh my goodness, that cookie just melted into my mouth and the spices just started to fill the emptiness of my mouth. What's more, it was SOFT and CHEWY. Um.....can we all just say "yes please" and let out a sigh of disappointment at how we're not as awesome as Sally is? This lady is cray!

I cannot think of anything that's better than a warm, spice filled cookie amidst the (not-so-picturesque) fall weather. Of course, Hong Kong spoils everything. It looks nothing like fall here, but ah, the feels when you forget about the place you live in and just dive into fall.

The recipe is here, and make these to your little heart's content :) I promise you won't be disappointed.

Happy baking!
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