Friday, October 3, 2014

Apple and Frangipane Tart (Tarte de Pommes a la Normande)

Fall, my favorite season, has officially begun!
(Translation: Fall has begun a long time ago in my book but I'm finally starting my fall baking.)

Besides the fall baking, TONS of things are going to be happening in the fall, including (but not limited to) new DSLR experiments (!!!), PSATs, and lots of apple baking. There's no apple picking over here in this tiny little place that I call home, but delicious fall recipes are still happening nonetheless. 

Today's recipe involved an unfortunate 194395992 hours of apple peeling, another 180284384 hours of apple slicing, and about 15 rounds of negotiations with the world's most stubborn pâte sucrée, but all is well, folks, all is well. 

As you see, I managed to pull through and throw (okay maybe not literally) this gorgeous tart into the oven! 

The image above is of the tart before it went into the oven. As expected, it looked much more dynamic pre-bake, but I think overall it still turned out marvellously. I'd perhaps prefer the apple slices a little more three-dimensional, but for a first try it was definitely a success.

Despite the difficulties, I was already able to simplify things even a bit more by using my brand new food processor! Hard to believe how I did it when I was sans-processor, but now I absolutely cannot imagine ever making pastry without it again. Bye bye, cold-butter rubbing! 

I love how the frangipane peeks out of the apple slices, and I also love the little burnt edges on the apple slices! Prior to baking, I tossed the apples in cinnamon and brown sugar, so this tart definitely screams fall! 

 I apologize for the rather short post. I've been coming down with the flu and there's tons of homework to catch up on :((((

Happy baking!
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  1. This is just about the loveliest tart I've ever seen. And it's french, therefore like everything French, it's just a little better. :-)