Friday, June 14, 2013

S'mores Brownie Cups....almost......

School is officially over!!!! Which means....SUMMER HAS BEGUN :) YAY. 
To kick off a (hopefully) awesome summer, I made S'mores Brownie Cups with my bestie....well....
I almost  did. Because I forgot the graham crackers. Whatttttt??????
But anyhow, we still managed to make some decent brownie cups with marshmallows on top.
You know, when you have a whole bag of marshmallows, you gotta figure out how to use them. I used 6. Now I need to figure what to do to the rest (NOT eat it....summer diet in force)

In the oven!

So cute! Love the little white hats on these cute little brownie cups!

I had to "undress" one of them cuz that one didn't melt properly, but I don't mind because one of my family members doesn't like marshmallows.

That was a grrrreeeeaaaaattttt head start to my summer! I'll be cooking a lot this summer, so stay tuned!

Happy baking!
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