Monday, June 3, 2013

The Baker's Secret--Math Fair Project

So a while ago we had our annual academic fair at our school, and this year I had to do a math fair. Now if you know me, I LOVE math, and this year, I was able to incorporate baking AND math into my project. SWEEEEEEET :) 
My project was called "The Baker's Secret", and to be honest, I do think it's quite hard to solve until you understand the concept. Anyhow, I think that bearing in mind I went solo while other people had partners to split up the work load, I did fine.

The title of my board...not too original, but very fitting nonetheless!

"The Story" a.k.a the wordy stuff before you get down to the core of the actual math.
The inside of the story

But seriously, did you know? I'm gonna have to bake a batch of brownies on December 8th!

The secret and guarded solution!
The inside of the solution

I just HAD to stick on some measuring spoons! Hey, authenticity is great, and I am a little OCD about this kinda stuff!

Not to mention, I made a little rolling pin myself as well haha :) But if you bake like me, you'll realize how ironic that is because rolling pins are NOT required to make brownies ha!
The final product :) Doesn't look too nice, but I think overall the content was good.

And of course, hard work pays off :)

Overall, I think the fair was a GREAT experience--I LOVED it! While it was a little hectic having to manage all that work myself, I did enjoy coming up with a good story and getting to think of little bits and pieces that I could add onto my board. I definitely am proud of my board, and I think the little imperfections only make me prouder :)

Happy baking!
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