Sunday, August 4, 2013

Rach Bakes is Taking a Break!

As much as I hate, hate, HATE to say this, Rach Bakes is officially taking a break for at least quite a bit of time. School starts in two days, and that means MUCH less baking for me! This summer, not only have I made a bajillion different things, but I've also begun to show slight improvement in a very important aspect of food blogging--photography! I'm still not a great photographer, but good enough to get by :) 

Of course, a "break" does not mean that I will never post again because if time allows I know I'll be making a few treats here and there, but I definitely won't be posting as much as I have throughout the summer. 

To kick off the Rach Bakes break, I decided to do a recap of all the goodies I've baked this summer. I'll be back, so tune in once in a while to check if I've left you with any sweet surprises!

Happy baking!
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