Saturday, August 31, 2013

Super Fudgy Brownies

Boy, have I got a treat for you guys today.

First of all, notice the new blog design? After playing around with the HTML codes and stuff, I FINALLY got the designs up! I love the new look!

Back to the brownies......

I am sincerely in love with these brownies....and who cares if they're not healthy anyways? I could eat the whole batch before they even make it into the pictures.

While I have to admit I'm a sucker for chewy boxed mix brownies, these brownies are definitely my new favorite! As sad as I am to admit this (or maybe not), these are wayyyyyyy better than the boxed ones. I swear in the name of cupcakes and fairy dust. 

I was joking with my friends the other day, that what makes my brownies the best is that I put in secret fairy dust and lots of love. It's no different with these brownies. Secret ingredients: 6 sprinkles of fairy dust and a heart full of love.....secret ingredients will intensify with baking ;) 

I'd also like to warn you, that these brownies are definitely for chocolate lovers. They will be THE most chocolatey and fudgy brownies that you've EVER tasted. Seriously.

On a more serious note, though, a lot of people (er......I mean cookbooks......) have told me that cocoa powder brownies will always be inferior to "real" chocolate brownies. But mind you, the only source of chocolate/cocoa in these brownies come from cocoa powder. And are they inferior to "real" chocolate brownies? No. Not by a long shot. Keep trying.

Honestly, my taste buds can't stop thinking about these fudgy, smooth, chocolatey, and intensely flavored brownies. I have to bring them in for discipleship group so I can't eat all of these, but sharing is caring.......although I'd gladly eat the whole batch myself, even if it means I'll end up being the slowest runner in my PE class (if I am not already).

I bet most of you are asking for the recipe. Well, sorry, not gonna link it today......


Obviously I love you all so you can find it here. The original recipe used caramels, but I omitted them and got super delicious plain brownies (:

Happy baking!
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