Sunday, May 26, 2013

No Oven Required: Pan-Fried Salmon on Peas

If you're looking for a baking post, this post is definitely not for you!
A while ago, I made this dish: Pan-Fried Salmon on peas. As weird as it sounds, it actually turned out REALLY well--except for the peas part, but I'll go into that later.
The salmon itself was a beautiful cut, and I was able to get a nice, crispy crust on it, but not without a few weird, unusual tricks.

At the start of it all, I planned on just pan-frying the salmon with a bit of salt and pepper, but another thought crossed my mind. What if, just what if I smeared some liquefied apricot preserves over it, then dusted it with some Panko? Now, if you're a chef yourself and are giving me weird looks right now, don't worry, nothing went wrong :)
I was debating rather or not I should do the whole preserves thing, because the salmon was a nice and somewhat expensive cut. However, I also told myself, How would you know that it'd be bad if you don't try it? So I liquefied some apricot preserves in the microwave, and before I threw the salmon into the pan, I used a pastry brush and brushed the salmon with the preserves, and I also sprinkled a teeny tiny bit of Panko over the top. After a while, a beautiful, beautiful crust formed over the top, and I smeared some more preserves over the top as it cooked. I kept doing this until the fish was done.

Aaaandd.....TADA! The fish was BEAUTIFUL, and the top was so crispy and fruity, it was so, so good. Now...onto the peas part....not gonna go into full detail, but basically it didn't turn out very good and was a little icky, so I did have to trash that. Otherwise, the fish itself was miraculously good!

Well, being the naturally big eater that I am, discarding the peas meant losing 1/4 of my lunch, so I had to try out my new Cheese and Curry flavored cup noodles with it. Unfortunately, the noodles were gross as well, so I did have to snack on Oreos later into the day!

Happy baking!

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