Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Baked Cheesecake--part 2

Holy smokes, that cheesecake was amazing!

Remember how I was so nervous about it yesterday? Well, turns out, that cheesecake was the best thing I've made BY FAR. And to be honest with you, I've been baking since I was 7 and a half, so that is a lot coming from me!

If you don't know the reason why there's a number 6 on that cheesecake, it's because my brother turned 6 today! I love that kid to death.

Without the candles, the cheesecake looks really plain and boring. In other words, kinda ugly. But under that ugly shell is a delicious, smooth, and dense baked cheesecake!

I was going to add a sour cream topping to dress it up a bit, but I forgot to buy sour cream! It still turned out really well though.

The cheesecake was so beautifully dense and smooth at the same time! It was definitely the epitome of a good, velvety baked cheesecake!

 Just look at how beautiful it was once it was cut up! Definitely something I'd make again and again!

And don't mind those little cracks and imperfections on top. Most of them came from when we scraped off the wax from the candles!

I had a big slice (: Good for the palette, but not good for the waistline......Whatever.

 Sooooooo good. The birthday boy liked it, and as long as he likes it, I'm happy!

I'm so, so, SO proud of this masterpiece and all the work I did to make it was totally worth it! A really good result for a first-timer! If you haven't read about the process of making it yet, you can read it here.

Happy baking!
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