Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Giant Funfetti Cookies

I was diagnosed with sprinkle fever, and I can't seem to get rid of it. But I don't mind the least bit (:

Yes, I am aware that I've been baking almost everyday, and yes, I am aware that the lemon bars yesterday were gross, but these funfetti cookies made up for it well.

I've been DYING to try this recipe for ages. Judging from the end result, I'd say I made a good choice. But no, you didn't see the magic that happened behind the scenes. And no, things in fact weren't going so well until the last minute. Legitimately the last micro second.

First of all, I have to say that my cookies turned out NOTHING like the pictures from the original recipe, and I swear I followed the recipe to a T. I did every single thing the recipe stated, including letting my egg rest to room temperature, AND letting my butter sit at room temperature to soften. I normally just warm the butter in the microwave, which I have to say is a much faster way AND I'm amazingly skilled at doing that, but for this recipe I had some extra time so I let the butter sit out.

I was instructed to bake for EXACTLY 8 minutes and no more, so I did that. I was also told that the cookies will look very underdone but they'll further bake with the remaining heat, so I let the cookies sit in the cookie sheet for 10 minutes after baking so they'd continue to cook. And let me tell you, they were COMPLETELY raw even after almost half an hour of resting. 

Now I don't blame the recipe writer. It is terribly hard to get the timings right for a recipe because everybody's oven is different. But I have to say, there was a point where I was about to give up on these cookies. I even trashed a couple of them.

However, I decided to bake them again, well aware of the possibility that they'd be overdone. 

And let me tell you, they would be considered "overbaked" for most people, but to be honest with you, they were in the PERFECT state! Crunchy on the edges, soft and incredibly chewy on the inside! 

The best part was that there were specks of sprinkles (or nonpareils in my case) peeking out from the cookie! 

There were sprinkles mixed in the dough, and MORE sprinkles sprinkled on top. But no, my sprinkle fever isn't cured. At least not yet.

See? I told you there were sprinkles all over.

I was fairly disappointed by the fact that I almost had to bake them an extra 8 minutes, but it was well worth the time! The cookies also spread A LOT during baking, which was completely unprecedented judging by the fact that I refrigerated them for a whole 2 hours. If I knew in advance that they'd spread so much anyways, I wouldn't have wasted all that time :( Better safe than sorry though!

Made 8 HUGE cookies in total. I was "supposed" to make 15, but I did mention earlier that I trashed a few of them. They should've been thicker and smaller, but somehow they just came out HUMONGOUS (not that I mind though)!

I embedded the link somewhere in this post already, but if you want to try these cookies out, you can get the recipe here. Have fun digging in to these sweet, colorful, and GiGaNtIc monsters!

Happy baking!

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