Monday, July 8, 2013

Changes, changes, and more changes....

Well if you're a regular reader, which I'm pretty positive not too many people are, you probably would've noticed that I completely gave my blog a whole new switch up!
First off, I got a new background! I've been in love with chevron lately, and the minty background is just delicious.
Secondly, I completely changed up the fonts. That took me quite a bit of time, so <hashtag> don't judge.

Thirdly, I got a new profile pic! That pic was from my vacay in Hokkaido, which I LOVED.

Yeah, in case you've been wondering who that lame mastermind was behind the keyboard, that's her. And by her, I really mean me. 

Last but not least, do you see my new favicon?

In case you guys don't know what a favicon is (I don't blame you), a favicon is that little icon by the url. That took me wayyyyyy too long. But I like that little teal cupcake (:
I'll be making a cheesecake later this week, so stay tuned! Sorry for not posting so much, but I was in Hokkaido on vacation<---that bit was fun.

Happy baking!
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